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Local Register List (2011)

Alphabetical Listing:

Bodine Farmhouse
Wallkill Road

Currently under renovation

John R. Hays House, 1874
Maple Street, Walden
National Historic Designation

The McKay House,
formerly called the Gilbert Millspaugh House
Church Street, Walden
News article...

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Walnut & Maple (Municipal Square), Walden

An historic watercolor of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church /
a recent photo taken Dec 2009

The Walden Methodist Church, 1893
West Main Street ( formerly Chestnut Street:), Walden
(earlier Covenanter building underneath brick 1850)
State and National Register Designation

A Composite of several photos taken in 2007

Jacob T. Walden House
Montgomery Street, Walden


Others in the area--Anyone need a new project?

Octagon House of Walden, Maple Street, Walden
More on the region's
Octagonal Houses (PDF)

The Goodwill Church and Cemetery have been in use since before the Revolutionary War. General George Washington attended a funeral at Goodwill Cemetery (Route 208, Town of Montgomery, Orange County, NY) when one of his soldiers lost his life from a falling tree. (Gidney History, Newburgh, NY)

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