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Mrs. Muriel Embler-Hill provided the funds, and supervised the restoration and decoration of this room. Many of the fine antiques on display here were given by Mrs. Hill in memory of her friends and neighbors. The furnishings are a mixture of periods.

The Bohemian glass jars on the mantel were given in memory of Mr. C. Fred Fowler. Mrs. Hill was Muriel Gregory before marrying and when she died, she bequeathed the Society the beautiful Dutch lowboy from her Gregory family.

Other items of interest include the wing chair, the Federal style convex mirror, and the slant-top desk signed by Mr. Thomas Burling, a furniture maker noted for his desks.

The melodeon, given by Mr. Joseph Trickett, was a popular parlor instrument of the mid-1800s. It is a reed organ; the pedals must be pumped to produce the air supply.

The embroidered fireplace screen is adjustable. The sofa is from the Victorian period. The secretary is Empire; it is from the Nicholl collection. A few pieces of Rockingham china are displayed on it. The portraits are of Samuel B. and Anna Storm Thomson, grandparents of Bessie Newkirk Estile, an early member of the Society.






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Definition: Lowboy
A low chest of drawers mounted on exposed legs.

Definition: Federal period (1790-1830).
Our nation’s early years, when the Federalist Party led the American government between 1790 and 1828, generally defines the Federal period. During this time, a strong sense of nationalism was born and many government leaders, like Thomas Jefferson, looked to the classical past of Greece and Italy for inspiration in forging the identity of the new American democratic Republic.

Definition: Victorian period.
The years from 1837 to 1901, when Queen Victoria (British monarch) reigned.

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